Review of Dr. Parkcell Calming Treatment

Today I am talking about another awesome Dr. Parkcell Kbeauty product that I had the opportunity to try through the app 0.8 Liter, the Dr. Parkcell Calming Treatment. In the USA, 0.8 Liter allows you to try certain products for either free or $3.99. This has been an awesome place for me to discover new, rare & exciting Kbeauty brands. Lately, they have not been offering many products either for purchase or for free. I am hoping that changes soon, but definitely go check them out on the App Store on your phone. Now on to the review 💫!

🧬Product Description🧬

This treatment is enriched with botanical, herbal, & floral complexes to deeply hydrate & promote a radiant complexion. It is free of fragrance, dye & alcohol to calm, soothe, balance & smooth extremely irritated & angry skin. It is developed with 5 high-performance floral & herbal extracts to maintain beautiful & healthy skin. It is formulated with KFDA approved skin brightening ingredients to improve clarity & give a healthier-looking complexion. Toning is one of the most important parts of your daily skin care routine & it is definitely one of my favorites as is evidenced by the number of toners currently on my shelf. This treatment/toner helps soothe & calm skin by adding herbal & floral extracts which also maintain healthy skin texture. It does this without adding fragrance which in my opinion is rare for a product with herbal & floral extracts.

🧬How to Use🧬

After thoroughly cleansing your face, gently sweep over the face & neck with a cotton pad or fingertips. I pour a small amount of the product into my palms & then press in to my skin starting at my cheeks where I am always the most sensitive. This product can be used twice a day, morning & night.

🧬Product Features & Details🧬

This treatment is dermatologist tested. It also said to brighten the skin. It is formulated for oily & acne prone skin, for skin with blackheads & blemishes, for sensitive, irritated skin, for dull skin, & for skin that has uneven tone, so basically most skin types. It is a runny toner essence, formulated with 5 high-performance floral & herbal extracts. It is, also, calming & promotes healthy skin.

🧬My Thoughts🧬

🧬This treatment is packaged in a nifty plastic beaker-like container with the milliliters labeled on the side. It definitely looks high tech & is super elegant. The beaker has a white band around the neck that says “calming treatment” in a shiny silver font. The lid is a white plastic twist off top. This treatment dispenses like most toners through a nice sized hole in the top of the bottle. Not too much comes out nor is too little dispensed; it dispenses the perfect amount. The box that houses the treatment is pretty, but it is a little awkward & difficult to get in to. I’d ditch the box. The packaging of the treatment is sturdy enough to hold up to shipping without the unnecessary outer box.

🧬Upon opening the box, aside from being impressed at the cool packaging, my first thought was, “Wow! What a huge amount of product.” Now that I’ve used the calming treatment, which is described as a toner essence, I’m ecstatic that the bottle is so large. The bottle houses a whopping 8.45 ounces of treatment! The treatment applies smoothly to skin & is absorbed almost immediately. This is a toner essence that was made for layering. I’ve done as many as three layers & they’ve all absorbed wonderfully. This runny, clear treatment has almost no fragrance. It makes my skin feel quite moisturized & look plump & dewy. Being that my skin is currently sensitized & irritated, I have found multiple layers of this treatment to be soothing. I notice that my skin is less flushed & red almost immediately after applying this treatment. It did not cause any stinging even though my skin is somewhat raw at the moment. I would also describe the current condition of my skin as dry, even parched due to Tretinoin & hydroquinone usage. I am experiencing dry patches & flaking. My skin is very tight & dry, untreated. This quickly adds moisture & helps diminish dry patches & flaking. It helps to make my skin feel significantly more comfortable, a feeling that lasts until the next step in my skincare routine. My skin looks plump, dewy & refreshed with this treatment.

🧬I love that there is absolutely no alcohol in this treatment. I do not want to put anything with drying alcohol on my skin, especially right now. I also like that this product has a skin brightening effect. Having dry, patchy skin tends to make it appear dull, so brightening is a benefit I look for. Since my skin is so sensitive, I am pleased that there is no fragrance to this treatment. This product retails for $30.98 for 8.45 fl. oz. on Amazon. I recommend this product & would definitely repurchase it.

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