Review of Dr. Parkcell Moisturizing Serum

This will be the last of the series of Dr. Parkcell reviews. I had the opportunity to try & review four Dr. Parkcell products through the app 0.8 Liter. If you haven’t had a chance to check out those reviews yet, you can find them in my most recent blog posts (I’m still trying to learn how to make a link, sorry y’all). Dr. Parkcell is a line of derma cosmetics created with ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin. Dr. Parkcell uses nano particles to rejuvenate skin not just from the outside, but from deep within. Every product I’ve tried from the line has been wonderful so far & definitely worth checking out.

🧬Product Information ℹ️

This product provides instant hydration to skin through the utilization of hyaluronic acid, which binds water molecules to skin. It helps to create a natural protection barrier for the skin, by using the mucus extracted from brown algae in the sea (gross). This highly enriched & functional serum awakens skin & increases the vitality of the skin. This serums is designed for all skin types & is dermatologist tested. It creates a brightening effect.

🧬Key Ingredients 🔑

Fructose, which is a type of sugar composed of glucose. It has water-binding properties for skin. It also acts as a natural exfoliator, can be beneficial in blemish control & helps to restore balance of the skin’s natural oils. Ceremide NP, which improves skin barrier function, helps to keep harmful environmental irritants out & prevents skin dehydration. Hyaluronic Acid, which is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & speeding up wound healing. It can also help relieve joint pain in people with osteoarthritis. Helichrysum Italicum Leaf Cell Extract, which has proven antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

🧬How to Use🧬

Apply the serum to face & neck areas. Apply in a gentle, circular motion. Safe to use in both the morning & the evening.

🧬My Thoughts 💭

This serum comes packaged in a silver colored box with silver foil writing. The serum itself is housed in an impressive, high tech bottle. The bottle is pearl white with shiny silver accents and silver writing. The serum bottle is a very cleverly made, pump-style bottle. With a counterclockwise 🔄 twist of the silver bottom of the bottle, the pump portion lifts up & becomes ready to dispense the serum. The best part of this nifty packaging is that this bottle needs no cap which will undoubtedly fall off, be lost, or be stepped on like a pesky stray LEGO. The packaging of this product makes it super travel friendly, allowing you to toss it in a suitcase with no worries. This serum is white, but translucent & is a medium viscosity. The product has little to no fragrance which is perfect for us sensitive skin & allergic types. This serum is very moisturizing, providing my skin with an immediate plumping effect. It takes a few minutes for the serum to dry down, but it dries to a non-sticky matte finish. Because this takes a few minutes to dry, I have been using it as a part of my nighttime routine when I have more time. It almost has a cooling effect & is very soothing. My skin is currently quite angry from overuse of Tretinoin & this does help to tame my skin. It also does not sting my raw, irritated skin. This serum makes my skin look dewy, luminous & healthy. I can definitely tell it has a nice dose of hyaluronic acid in it. I like that this serum protects skin’s fragile moisture barrier. Like the other Dr. Parkcell products, this product is available on Amazon. It retails for $37.10 for 1.59 ounces. There is currently a $7 off coupon available. This is an excellent serum from the packaging to the actual product. For that reason, I recommend this product & would repurchase it once I have used some of the other serums I am testing.

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